When can I request support?

  • If you have issues with the installation or configuration of functionality with Qrexorder

  • If you do not understand the working process of a system/module in Qrexorder

  • If something is not working in the way it should.

  • If you find bugs or security issues.

Send support mail at make sure you add the purchased code in the mail.

When your request is out of support?

  • Requesting customization services.

  • Requesting for a TeamViewer or any online session for the understanding working of a piece of code or the whole system.

  • Integration with 3rd party applications (Tools, POS, SAAS, CMS, etc.)

  • Integration with a new payment gateway.

  • Custom WebView support.

  • If the application core files (PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, JSON) files are modified or edited in any way, we will not be able to provide support unless all files are restored to their original form of the corresponding version.

  • If the Database is modified(creating, updating, or deleting) manually, the support is Void until a fresh install is done or a backup of the original Database is restored(if available)

If you want to do those options then you have to send paid customization offer.

Note: We will support only an apache server with cPanel.

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