Restaurant subdomain

Server configuration
  1. 1.
    Wildcard subdomain supports.
  2. 2.
    SSL for wildcard subdomain
  3. 3.
    QrexOrder Script installed in the domain main folder. not subdomain / sub folders

Set up wildcard subdomain

Most commonly used shared hosting framework is cPanel. So we will write our guide for it. But things should be similar in Plesk or any other solution.
After you have your main domain or subdomain active, and your site is up and running, you can make each restaurant to have their own domain. Like in our demo.
The main site is https://thinkncode.net and there you can find all restaurants. But each restaurant can be also directly open for example: https://phplime.thinkncode.net. This feature is directly enabled in your QrexOrder site. But you will need to create a wildcard subdomain that uses the same folder as your main site.
1. Log into your cPanel. 2. Navigate to Domains section > Subdomains menu:
In cPanel new version subdomain moves on domains section. if you still have the subdomain option in cPanel then follow the subdomain instruction otherwise you can follow the domain option.
Sub domain
click on sub domain
select the document root
Click on domains
Then Create a new domain
4. Go to the Zone Editor menu:
Click on zone editor
5. Make sure that there is an A record for *.yourdomain.com created and pointed to the server IP address (it could coincide with the IP address of your main domain or ftp.yourdomain.com is pointed to):
6. Now, you will need to wait until the propagation is over (it should take N seconds, where N – is TTL for this A record; you can edit it manually and reduce the number to speed up the process), and then the wildcard subdomain will work correctly.

Now create a subdomain according to your restaurant request

Make sure subdomain path is your root directory (where qrexorder is installed).
Now you can use sub domain features. You can use thinkncode.net/phplime & phplime.thinkncode.net both URL
Check more in Namecheap doc.