Language / translation

You can make translation in two way. 1. Using language data fields. 2. Export/import JSON file.

Both steps can do after add your language (if not available in language list)

  1. Select your language and add your translation in the value field and then submit from the bottom button.

2. First Select your language then Click on the export button. I) you will get a JSON file. ii). Edit the JSON file with any text editor like(notepad, sublime, atom... etc). iii) Set you own translation in your language area iv) After completed the translation click on the import button and imported it.

Example for Spanish language. Just set your text in es the between the ""

Don't remove or change anything without your language section.

        "id": "878",
        "keyword": "required_alert",
        "english": "Please fill up the %s field",
        "es": ""
        "id": "879",
        "keyword": "pickup_area",
        "english": "Pickup Area",
        "es": ""
        "id": "880",
        "keyword": "restaurant_empty_alert_msg",
        "english": "If You do not find menu and other options ",
        "es": "your translation will be added here.."

If you get any text which is not translatable then please check bellow files.

Find application/config/message_config.php file just edit it and set your language.

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